RSPCA Cupcake Day 2017

August is the month where change is made possible for our furr-iends in the most delectable way, on no other day but cup cake day.

Gastric Dilation/Volvulus

What is meant by the term “Bloat” in dogs? This is a term that is synonymous with the more scientific term “Gastric Dilation/Volvulus”. It is

Conjunctivitis In Cats

What is conjunctivitis ? The conjunctiva is a mucous membrane, similar to that of the mouth and nose, that surrounds the eyeball forming a seal

Winter Blues and Your Pets

The clouds are moving in, the wind is chilly and there is a slight dampness in the air. You can’t wait to get back inside

Protecting Sutures & Wounds

Whether it’s a routine desexing procedure or a stitch up after an accident, many pets will require some form of wound and suture management at

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2017

East Port Veterinary Hospital will be once again supporting the RSPCA Million Paws Walk at Oxley Oval. Gates open at 9:15am. Bring the whole family

How to Clean Your Pets Ears


The pain and discomfort experienced by dogs and cats because of ear infections are a significant concern for pet owners. Regularly cleaning your pet’s ears

Emergency! Toxins – Drugs of Addiction

In the past we have discussed a variety of toxins that can harm our pets. This article addresses a more controversial cause of poisoning –

Pancreatitis in Dogs


Pancreatitis is a common disease in dogs and is defined as inflammation of the pancreas. While this may sound like a relatively mild problem, pancreatitis

Snail Bait Toxicity


Many of us are keen gardeners and hate snails. Most gardeners have used snail pellets at some stage to combat these slippery suckers. Snail and