Itchy, Scratching Dog driving you mad?

The veterinarians here at East Port Veterinary Hospital see many itching and scratching dogs all the time. Coming into Spring is a prime time for

Chronic Intestinal Disease in Cats

Why you shouldn’t ignore frequent vomiting and hairballs.   Cats vomit so frequently that you might consider this to be normal. Therefore, it is often

Is Your Pet Out of Sorts? Is Osteoarthritis the Culprit???

Has your dog been slow to greet you when you return home? Or does your cat no longer appear interested in playing with their favourite

Gala Dinner Fundraiser

Please jump on board and join us at the Gala Dinner Fundraiser for the local RSPCA Branch. It’s sure to be a fabulous night for

Immune-mediated Thrombocytopaenia

What is it? Immune-mediated thrombocytopaenia (IMTP) is a condition characterised by the destruction of platelets by the immune system (‘immune-mediated’), resulting in abnormally low platelet

How to get your cat to love its carrier

Use this step-by-step guide to help your cat adjust to a cat carrier for a trip to the vets. Step 1: Cat, meet carrier Place

Have a Heart – Protect your Pet from Heartworms

That simple preventative that your veterinarian keeps recommending costs 15 times less than treatment! It’s easy to shrug off your veterinarian when you’re asked if

East Port Veterinary Hospital Updates

Welcoming Dr Hannah Parcell to the team!   Hannah graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours.

Feline Acne

Definition Chin acne is a disorder in which excess oily material (sebum) is formed by glands in the skin of the chin. This sebum, along

Hot Spots

The low-down on those itchy, inflamed and painful areas on your dogs skin that he just won’t leave alone.   Most dog owners are familiar