Dermatology 2023

Is your pet suffering from a dermatological condition? Just like us, our four-legged friends can suffer from skin issues and irritations from time to time.

Know Your Parasites

They pose a threat to our pets, our kids, and even us. While most of them are minuscule and often out of sight, they’re one

Hills Dental Diet

Oral Care We all know how important dental health is for our own teeth. We go to the dentist regularly and brush and floss our

How old is my pet in human years?

Our Pet Age Calculator will tell you. Turns out it’s not as simple as just multiplying a cat or dog’s age by 7! Pets can

Your guide to senior check-ups

Hi paw parent, just like you, pets want to live a long and happy life. With proper health care management, older pets can live their

Looking after your senior pet

When is a pet classified as being senior or mature? Dogs and cats are considered to be mature adults once they turn 7 years old.

The Reality of the Veterinary Profession

I’d like to take a moment to share with you our perspective from within the veterinary profession and the present state of the industry. We

Update to East Port Veterinary Hospital procedures due to COVID-19

To all of our valued clients, East Port Veterinary Hospital is introducing a new way of caring for your pets so that we can minimise

COVID-19 Communication to Clients

East Port Veterinary Hospital takes the health and safety of our staff, clients and patients very seriously. While we are closely monitoring the ever changing

Is Your Cat Experiencing Toileting Trouble?

Your cat’s constipation may seem like a minor concern—but, hey, it’ll “pass,” right? Not so fast. This relatively common condition can become dangerous if left