Our Services

Preventative Animal Health Care


Do you take your pet to the beach or park? Is there a chance your pet may need to go into boarding kennel or cattery if unforseen circumstances arise? Ensure their safety when they come to visit us too! Remember, they don’t need to be in contact with other pets to contract some of these deadly diseases.



Reducing the desire to roam also reduces the risk of traumatic injury or losing out in the epic neighbourhood dispute! What if there was a simple way of preventing common cancers and illnesses later in life? Be a responsible pet owner and help prevent the cycle of accidental litters and unwanted pets. While puppies and kittens are adorable, they are a lifetime commitment.

Heartworm Prevention

Are you the target of mosquito bites? Dogs and cats are victims too! Protect your pet against these pests and prevent potentially fatal heartworm disease.


Weight Loss Programs

Did you know obesity is an epidemic problem in Australian pets? Let us help you safely shed the excess and keep it off by making simple and easy to follow changes.

Blood Screening

Is your pet out of sorts? Want to ensure they are healthy? Need answers straight away? Our state of the art in house laboratory produces results promptly.



Would you like to feed your pet the best and not pay through the roof for a completely, balanced diet? Do you ever get tired of cleaning up the mess in the yard? Ask us how you can change this.

Senior Health Programs

How old is your pet in human years? Were you aware that pets age 7 years to our 1? This means once they’re over 8 we need to keep a closer eye on things. It makes a world of difference when we find disease before they become unwell.


Complete Flea & Tick Control

Want the best advice on how to beat the pesky fleas and ticks based on your own personal circumstances? Allow us to give you the best option to keep your pets safe all year round!

Other Services

Puppy Preschool

Do you want a well behaved puppy for the rest of their life? Enjoy a social outing to the park or beach stress free! We teach you how to teach them.


Drive-Thru Service

Do you find yourself time-poor? Is convenience high on your importance list? At no charge to you, we offer a drop off service where your pet can keep us company until it’s convenient for you to collect them in the afternoon.


House Calls

Do you have trouble getting to and from the hospital? Good news – we can come to you when it’s more practical to do so. We understand, at times, your environment is a much better one than ours!

Dental Services
& Health Programs

Have you ever had a tooth ache? An alarming fact, 80% of pets suffer some form of dental disease, so they need regular check ups too! Need a tooth extracted? Let us take an x-ray to be sure. Our vets have trained in advanced dental techniques for all of your pets’ dental requirements.


Digital Radiology

Is your pet lame? Had an accident and not quite right? There are some things which aren’t apparent to the naked eye. An x-ray can give us results quickly.



This highly advanced equipment allows us to see inside your pets’ body and see what’s really going on and they don’t feel a thing. How cool!


A more specialised form of ultrasound exam allows us to see exactly what the hearts doing. Even cooler!



Has your pet ever eaten anything they shouldn’t have? With the use of an endoscope, we may be able to avoid any invasive surgical procedures.


DNA & Genetic Testing

Where did your pet come from? Why do they behave the way they do? What problems may they encounter later in life? Find out now to save any surprises later!

Laboratory Services

Has your pet been off colour? On regular medication which requires monitoring? When it comes to caring for and treating our patients, fast and accurate test results are of the utmost priority. We offer a comprehensive laboratory service – both in house and externally.



Concerned about where your family member will stay whilst in our care? This is like the Hilton Hotel for pets. Our wards are fully air conditioned with climate control, proper ventilation, odour and sound control. We also use the latest in “dry-bed” technology to ensure your pets comfort. Please come and check it out for yourself.


Artificial Breeding

What if nature is just not “taking its course? At times, there is a need for a little help in this department! If you feel your lovebirds just aren’t getting it done, we can assist to ensure the outcome!


Unfortunately, cancer is just as common in pets as it is in ourselves. In many cases, chemotherapy can help out pets live a much longer life without all of the horrible side effects. Our veterinarians routinely work alongside veterinary specialists in this field.



Want to spoil your pooch with a warm hydro-bath and a stylish haircut? Nails due for a pedicure? Regular grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. We offer a full grooming service…..let us do the work for you!


Payment Plans

Have unexpected costs arisen? While we will always be upfront about expected costs of treatment, we understand circumstances are sometimes out of your control. We do offer payment plans through a third party, VetPay. Ask us today whether this is an option for you….the online application process only takes a few minutes.